At The Learning Tree we strive to provide nurturing, quality care in a highly interactive learning environment. Our friendly qualified staff are an integral part of providing this environment. Our current staff has had

  • A detailed interview and screening process.
  • Approval by the state of STATE through a background analysis that cross references state and federal criminal records as well as child abuse reporting records to insure that each employee has a background that is clear. 
  • State CPR and first aid requirements fulfilled

We believe firmly in training and continued education for all our employees and staff. Each has qualified themselves to work with your children by attending specific training classes and often college level courses to learn about early education and the needs of children. We emphasize training and encourage all of our employees to exceed the state minimum number of clock hours of training required to be qualified to continue to work in an early education setting.


The Learning Tree considers it inappropriate for parents and clients to solicit our staff to work for them either in their business or homes. We are not legally or financially liable for our employees or any of their actions when they are off the clock or no longer employed by The Learning Tree. All employees have signed a statement saying that they will not engage in “care for hire” or any employment by or for any past or current client family of The Learning Tree while currently employed by The Learning Tree or for eighteen (18) months after their last day of employment. An employee who violates this policy has violated their employment agreement and is subject to possible termination. It is inappropriate for a client or parent to solicit any employee for any type of work. Clients who violate this policy may be subject to termination of services.


Student to teacher ratios are based upon guidelines set by STATE law. The following chart shows the maximum ratios that we observe.

In addition to the teacher to child ratios each group also has a group maximum. We meet or beat these ratios and minimums at all times.

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