Our meal and snack service consists of a breakfast, a hot lunch, and a PM snack. All food served is nutritious and healthy. Each child will be encouraged to eat what is prepared and to try new items as introduced. Please alert our staff of any food allergies or food restrictions as we want to accommodate and respect individual preferences.


The Learning Tree provides infant milk and food required by food and nutrition program for all our infants. Parents please provide a bottle for your infant and all bottles are required to have a sticker with the child’s first and last name. Please be certain to inform staff and manager during your child’s registration and of the type of formula your child is using, and any other facts regarding diet. Do not bring open baby food jars – Licensing requirements restrict us from serving prepared baby food from previously opened jars. Any unused baby food will be sent home or thrown away each evening. Breast milk must be handled in a manner consistent with universal precautions. Please clearly identify all breast milk.

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